Robotic Process Automation

Konsyg handles multiple areas of the sales process including inbound MQL’s as well as outbound qualifications for large MNC’s in APAC. While remaining closely aligned with the teams in India and Singapore to respond to the ever changing RPA field.

Konsyg was able to give the clients feedback to the sales director in terms of the sales teams’ responsiveness and communication style with prospects. This feedback greatly increased internal communications and accountability leading to greater sales and revenue.

Konsyg is constantly providing a regular stream of qualified SQL’s for the client that helps their representative generate and close more business.


Founding date: 2008
Industry: RPA
Company Size: 51-100
Region: APAC, US, EMEA

Contacts Gathered: 12,015
Total emails: 12,771
Follow up Emails: 13,756

Total Calls Made: 4,699
Connections Made: 2,108
Contacts Made: 483

Response Rate: 12.39 % (1498 leads)
Interest Rate: 6.11 % (734 leads)
Total Not Interested: 890