Payments Platform

Given Singapore's tech savvy and banking culture it is of no surprise that Konsyg was able to notice that the payment market in Singapore was fiercely contested and saturated. It was also apparent that while the market was saturated it was never the less still a very profitable market.

Therefore, in order to be able to make a break in the market, heavy marketing was required to boost brand recognition. Offering incentives and with the help of strategic partnerships allowed Konsyg its inital success in the market.

The targets the client was positioning themselves to did not have the technical skills or knowhow to operate the system. The market feedback and research obtained by Konsyg was very useful for the board who were in the end able to put them to good use.


Founding Date: 2016
Industry: Payments
Company Size: 30-50
Region: Singapore

Contacts Gathered: 844
Total emails: 2,016
Follow up: 1,172

Response Rate: 54 leads(6.40%)
Interest Rate: 20 leads (2.01%)
Total Not Interested: 31