With Konsyg's help there was a very high rate of sales appointments set and opportunities created. However, there was no product/market fit due to the state of the product, which caused the client to revamp their technology using Konsyg’s market intelligence.

The client was extremely skilled at using industry “buzzwords” to promote the company and product, thereby winning many industry awards and recognition despite the fact the solution did not really work.
Client was able to replicate Konsyg’s business development and system to create their own leads.

Konsyg created training materials, demo guides, sales process, BD process, as well as doing hiring for the client. the client has taken market feedback and findings to re-tool the product. After which they are ready to launch and re-engage for a new campaign.


Founding Date: 2011
Industry: Digital Advertising
Company Size: 51-100
Region: APAC, EU, UK

Contacts Gathered: 9,832
Total emails: 20,194
Follow ups: 10,362

Total Calls Made: 10,374
Connections Made: 5,010
Contacts Made: 1,744

Response Rate: 824 leads (8.38%)
Interest Rate: 279 leads (2.74%)
Total Not Interested: 472 leads