Mobile Advertising

Since the campaign started in November 2018, Konsyg has taken monthly campaign revenue from $14,000 a month to $43,000. Additionally Konsyg’s list building team has provided the client's internal sales team with over 1,200 leads.

Client has not been able to match Konsyg’s onboarding process and as a result increased signup retention. Feedback from client has also been that no internal reps have been able to compare to Konsyg’s revenue ramp up and activity.

Due to which Konsyg was able to maintain an in depth sales consulting relationship in terms of sales process with the client.


Founding Date: 2011
Industry: Digital Advertising
Company Size: 51-100
Region: APAC, EU, UK

Contacts Gathered: 1,512
Total emails: 2,495
Follow up Emails: 1,317

Total Calls Made: 816
Connections Made: 457
Contacts Made: 96

Response Rate: 41.05% (187 leads)
Interest Rate: 37.34% (70 leads)