Manufacturing Tech: Large Multinational (US-HQ)

Incorporated in the mid 1960s as a data manufacturer of high-speed electromechanical products. The company then shifted to labeling and ticketing systems, iOT and manufacturing tech software and logistics. This company became a publicly-traded company in the early 1990s.

APAC: SEA, China Segment: (Account-Based Marketing)

Konsyg was tasked to take on a very challenging mission of assisting our client in penetrating the Chinese market throughout the COVID-19 timeframe in 2020. The second challenge was to be able to sell American-developed hardware in China, which requires a significant amount of regulatory barriers of entry. Konsyg immediately deployed our China-based team to work on-the-ground while our Southeast Asian teams provided calling and email support remotely. We were able to run a 18-month campaign and was able to position our client throughout a variety of major channels within Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Hangzhou.

Global: USA, Canada, APAC, EU (Lead Generation, ABM)

Konsyg was also simultaneously contracted to provide Lead Generation and Go-To-Market initiatives in APAC across Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam as well as in the USA, EU, and Canada. We were able to provide a steady trajectory of leads over the course of 18 months in over 5 languages with complex ABM and Lead Generation requirements.


Founding Date: 1960s
Industry: Manufacturing Technology Hardware and Software
Company Size: 10,000+
Revenue: $4 Billion +++
Region: Global

Contacts Gathered: 12,487
Total emails: 7,863
Follow up Emails: 3,746

Total Calls Made: 9,645
Connections Made: 2,746
Contacts Made: 846

Response Rate: 21%
Interest Rate: 17%