Localization Company

Konsyg was assigned to assist the CEO when his sales department and management where failing and manipulating the commission structures.

Firstly, Konsyg was able to bring in an interim CRO and Chief of Staff to re-configure the management structure, sales teams, commission structures and the training departments. Konsyg was tasked with developing business in an industry that is almost impenetrable for their own agents and by leveraging our expert callers and hunters.

Soon Konsyg found itself embedded into every aspect of the company: sales consulting, executive consulting, hiring, training, and business development.As a result of our intervention, culture improved and the company has returned to profitability.


Founding Date: 2007
Industry: Translation / Localization
Company Size: 100-200
Region: APAC, UK, EU, US

Contacts Gathered: 14,985
Total emails: 34,564
Follow up Emails: 19,443

Total Calls Made: 10,864
Connections Made: 6,416
Contacts Made: 1,112

Response Rate: 18.87 % (2,828 leads)
Interest Rate: 1.80 %(270 leads)
Total Not Interested: 1,136