Events and Public Speaking

In this project, prospects were interested in booking the speakers, however, the client could not come to agreement with them in terms of price due to an outdated model (very high price and perks).Furthermore, outreach found that without the proper PR and marketing (especially social media content), the speakers and programs were irrelevant to the prospects.

Seeing this Konsyg provided intelligence in the form of pricing and feedback. A strong marketing and PR program was suggested in order to create market awareness and interest.


Founding Date: 2014
Industry: Consulting
Company Size: 2-10
Region: APAC, EMEA

Contacts Gathered: 5,907
Total emails: 16991
Follow up Emails: 11084

Total Calls Made: 2000
Connections Made: 911
Contacts Made: 418

Response Rate: 12.90 % (762 leads)
Interest Rate: 1.79 % (106 leads)
Total Not Interested: 112