In the cutthroat competitive market which is Singapore, Konsyg had to breakdown the entirety of the Singaporean market based on their target customers to conduct comprehensive research. given the fierce competition in the industry, Konsyg was aware of the challenges it was going to face.

The team was able to come up with a tailored and multi-pronged outreach campaign. After reaching out to the market it was apparent that without a very aggressive marketing campaign alongside the sales campaign it would be difficult to compete with the already crowded field of competitors. Especially given the pricing model was also found to be non-competitive when compared with the features of their competitors.

However, by sticking to the formulated plan Konsyg was able to deliver and exceed expectation.


Founding Date: 2014
Industry: eCommerce
Company Size: 100-200
Region: Singapore

Contacts Gathered: 1,116
Total emails: 4,464
Follow up Emails: 3,348

Total Calls Made: 571
Connections Made: 169
Contacts Made: 68

Response Rate: 4.12% (46 leads)
Interest Rate: 1.79% (20 leads)
Total Not Interested: 21