Cyber Security

With Konsyg's help in lead generation and sales, this small startup was able to secure its Series A funding, that too the largest series A funding awarded to a Cyber Security Startup of its region.

By successfully implementing Konsyg's model, the company was also able to upscale by going from 10 people to 100 in just a year in which we assisted in both hiring and training executives. The client also managed to open 5 new offices worldwide.

Konsyg's also helped create the White papers on Sales Process and Products for the client which is still in use.


Founding Date: 2016
Industry: Cyber Security
Company Size: 51-100
Region: APAC

Contacts Gathered: 7,729
Total emails: 25,080
Follow ups: 17,351

Response Rate: 912 leads (11.80%)
Interest Rate: 240 leads (3.11%)
Not Interested: 572 leads