Konsyg was assigned the task to work for an AI company founded in 2014. It was a small scale company with 11-50 employees. Being a tech firm it had a large investment but seemingly poor market experience. Konsyg then faced the uphill battle of also having to cover for the company's lack of marketing and out of date technologies.

Unable to succeed in the market the founder of the startup was perplexed by the sales process and had unrealistic expectations of sales realities, demanding changes to the sales process and reporting on an hourly basis.

Ultimately, it was decided that the company was not mature enough for a sales campaign and required a “back to the drawing board” moment.We were able to provide them market information and statistics which is helping them with their reboot after which they will re-engage.The client was more interested the intelligence that we can provide them more so than the actual revenue.


Founding Date: 2014
Industry: Artificial Intelligence
Company Size: 11-50
Region: APAC

Contacts Gathered: 2,717
Total emails: 5,032
Follow up Emails: 2,315

Total Calls Made: 2,143
Connections Made: 655
Contacts Made: 144

Response Rate: 6.33% (172 leads)
Interest Rate: 1.80% (49 leads)
Total Not Interested: 122